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Billion Chinese can't be wrong, you must believe, if you've arrived at this page in order to install Freegate.
Indeed, Freegate has gained enormous popularity in China, somewhat like the popularity alcohol had gained during the dry years in America, years when it was forbidden to sell it. That's because Freegate makes possible what the law tries to forbid, in this case, access to websites that for one reason or another, someone tries denying you from accessing.
Visit restricted websites for free with Freegate
Freegate is actually a virtual private network (VPN) based on the same technology that enables you to share files with each other without any external element being able to shut that service down (P2P). Freegate bypasses censorship by using proxy (if you find the overflow of technical terms tiring or confusing, please feel free to skip this review and proceed straight ahead to downloading the software program), so sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others, which are restricted in some countries, can be accessed through a connection with another computer that can freely access these websites.
Tourists and foreign students which are currently in countries like China, Turkey, or other countries that restrict website access, learn that this software program is an essential tool that enables them to visit the sites they're used to.
Users come first